The Truth About Accounting

Fact vs. Fiction

If you have never considered majoring in accounting, you may not know the facts. For example:

Myth Truth
Accounting involves high-level math. Accountants use basic arithmetic and simple equations. Computers do most of the math. Accountants analyze and interpret the results.
Only nerds enjoy accounting. All accountants must have the people skills to interact with clients, management, and individuals at all levels in an organization.
Accounting is a desk job. I would sit in an office 8 hours a day with only a computer for company. Many accountants and auditors travel extensively. Often you can travel as much or as little as you like. Even if you work for a local accounting firm you will visit clients' offices and factories.
Accounting is too hard. It's true that you will have to study hard to be successful in accounting. Any career that offers great potential - physician, attorney, engineer, architect, CEO, professional athlete - requires commitment and dedication.
All accountants do is prepare tax returns. Although many accounting majors become tax accountants (which involves much more than preparing tax returns) others become auditors, fraud investigators, corporate accountants, personal financial planners, consultants, professors, and government accountants. Every organization needs accounting information and those who can provide and interpret it.
Accounting is for people whose main goal is to make money, not those who want a satisfying career. Accounting does generally offer financial security, but not at the expense of rewarding work. Accountants typically hold increasingly responsible positions in professional environments. They can be self-employed or work in any industry. Some accountants enjoy the challenge of enhancing corporate accountability, fighting fraud and corruption, or improving the environment as environmental accountants and auditors.