The Career for You?

Is an accounting career a good fit for you? Consider the questions below - you might be surprised.

Personal Characteristics

How would you rate the degree to which the following statements describe you: almost always, usually, not so much, or rarely?

  • I have a high level of self-discipline
  • I am comfortable working with numbers
  • I like using my analytical skills to solve problems
  • I enjoy meeting and working with new people
  • I would like to advise and assist others with their personal and business goals
  • I want to continually add to my knowledge and business skills
  • I am a hard worker
  • I earn above-average grades
  • I have high personal ethical standards (honesty, respect for self and others, professional excellence, fairness, etc.)

Career Characteristics

How would you rate the importance these career characteristics have for you: highly important, somewhat important, or not important?

  • Offers a wide variety of career paths
  • Involves service and assistance to other people
  • Offers opportunities for responsibility and advancement
  • Requires excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Involves working in a professional environment
  • Provides job security and stability
  • Is financially rewarding
  • Represents a highly respected profession

Your Results

If you chose almost always for many of the personal characteristics and highly important for many of the accounting career characteristics, then you are likely to find a career in accounting to be a good fit for you.