Many opportunities available to you as a Westover Fellow!

  • Priority in course scheduling.
  • Enhanced academic advising with guidance from two academic advisors: one from the Honors Program and another from your major field.
  • Co-curricular programming that allows you to interact with your faculty mentors.
  • Participation in a wide range of activities such as lectures, films, and off-campus excursions.
  • Individual attention in obtaining national and international scholarships and fellowships.
  • Guidance in résumé building.
  • Advanced preparation for graduate-level study due to the skills you’ll gain in research and writing, in oral presentations, and in working collaboratively with other Fellows in individual and group research projects.
  • Alumni support through the network of Westover Fellows.

While there are no scholarships specifically given only to Westover Fellows, honors students traditionally earn a high percentage of the College’s renewable scholarships, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000. For more information, visit our financial aid page.