Honors colloquia are interdisciplinary courses taught by a select group of Lynchburg College faculty.

Designed expressly for students in the Westover Honors Program, the colloquia explore fundamental social, philosophical, artistic, and scientific issues.

Recent colloquia include:

  • The World of Harry Potter and Harry Potter in the World
  • The American Songbook
  • Don’t Eat the Daisies – Plants of Renown and Danger
  • What is Happiness?
  • God’s Problem: Explaining Evil and Suffering
  • Writer’s in Exile
  • Jock Culture: Sport in Contemporary America
  • Evil and Politics
  • Churchill
  • Jefferson Explored
  • The Face of Battle
  • Ethics and the Health Sciences
  • Truth, Lies and Deceptions
  • Fat America: Nutrition and the Contemporary Health Crisis
  • Frankenstein: Or, the Promise and Peril of Synthetic Biology