Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) can help you to excel in difficult classes – 88% of LC students surveyed in 2012 said PASS helped them improve their class grades!

Each class that is part of the PASS program is assigned a PASS leader who leads group tutoring sessions multiple times per week. In addition, PASS leaders provide office hours to meet one-on-one with any student who would like more assistance.

PASS is offered in a variety of subjects in the School of Sciences and the School of Business and Economics. It is a popular and widely-utilized resource with over 5,000 visits logged in the past school year.

PASS leaders attend class lectures and work closely with your professor, so they know what’s going on in class and can most effectively provide help. PASS sessions supplement what you learned in class, focusing on both content and study skills.

Check the PASS schedule for available times to meet with a PASS leader.

Becoming a PASS Leader

Being a PASS Leader is great training if you plan to teach or attend graduate school because it allows you to sit through core courses again and strengthen your base knowledge of the subject, as well as strengthen your relationships with faculty.

The position also sets you up to be a great candidate for graduate teaching assistantships.


  • Firm understanding of the subject/course you are going to be tutoring
  • Earned grade of a B or better in the class that you will be tutoring and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Able to attend all lectures of the specified course and keep up with notes and assigned readings
  • Conduct two regularly-scheduled study sessions per week
  • Model a professional attitude concerning the professor, students, staff, class standards, grades, and student concerns
  • Possess strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills, as well as efficiency with email and Microsoft Excel

Leader Training

PASS Leaders must attend monthly PASS meetings. All new tutors are also required to attend a common training program at the start of the fall semester. Ongoing training and support will be provided throughout the semester in a weekly seminar for the first seven weeks of the fall semester.

The wage is slightly above the minimum and PASS leaders work approximately eight hours per week.

For additional information about what courses have PASS leader openings, contact Dr. Edith Simms, learning resources specialist, at .