Academic Coaching Program

The Academic Coaching Program (ACP) is available for students on academic probation or who are struggling with maintaining good academic standing after midterm grades are assessed.

Data indicate that ACP participants finish their semester with a higher average QPA than non-participants, are more likely to attain good standing, and are more likely to continue at Lynchburg College.

As an ACP participant, you will meet regularly with a coach assigned to you. Your coach’s goal is to help you learn to make good academic choices and improve academic skills.

Topics you can explore with your coach:

  • Time management
  • Study habits & organization
  • Goal-setting
  • Balancing academic and social demands

More information about these and additional topics are available on the ACP’s course on Moodle.

Academic Probation and Suspension

Coaching is offered to help students on Academic Probation return to good standing. If you are on academic probation, Karen Hatter, program coordinator, will contact you via email about participating in the program. Your prompt response is expected.

If you are returning from academic suspension, participation in the Academic Coaching Program is required as a condition of your readmission.

[Coaching] has really helped me in understanding where my time goes. I would recommend anyone who is having trouble with time management or classes or class scheduling to check it out.
'13, Interdisciplinary Studies - Teacher Education, Elementary Emphasis
I have learned that it is okay to ask for help and that they will help you with anything that you may need. They have also opened my eyes to more resources that are available on campus that have helped me succeed this semester.
'14, Chemistry
My academic coach is always pushing me to do my best and helping me to strengthen in my weak areas such as studying. Having an academic coach helps keep me in line with my grades so I don’t slip and also gives me someone to lean on for guidance and support.
'14 Nursing