As a nonprofit publication, the James Dickey Review relies on subscriptions and donations to cover its operating costs and stay in print.

The journal’s benefactors are classified as follows and listed in the journal every two years:

  • Alnilam Conspirators $50-$99
  • Lifeguards $100-$249
  • Eye-Beaters $250-$499
  • Parlor Sharks $500-$749
  • Owl Kings $750-$999
  • Animals of Heaven $1,000 and above

Those who give at the Lifeguard and Eye-Beater levels receive a one-year subscription. Benefactors at the Parlor Shark level and above receive a year’s subscription as well as a signed, inscribed 1st edition of Elements: The Novels of James Dickey, by Casey Clabough.

Gifts may be mailed to:

James Dickey Review
English Department
Lynchburg College
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501