Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Book Publications

Note: books available on Amazon are linked accordingly.

Criminology/Sociology Faculty

Dr. Kimberly McCabe
Dr. Gabe Santos
  • Redeeming the Broken Body: Church and State After Disasters, Cascade Books (2009)

English Faculty

Dr. Robin Bates
Dr. Casey Clabough
Dr. Laura Long
Professor Laura Marello
  • Maniac Drifter, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (forthcoming 2016)
  • The Gender of Inanimate Objects and Other Stories, Tailwinds Press, New York (forthcoming 2015)
  • The Tenants of The Hotel Biron, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (2012)
  • Claiming Kin, Guernica Editions, Toronto/New York (2010)
Professor Nina Salmon
Dr. Elza Tiner (also teaches Latin)
Professor Allison Wilkins
  • Girl Who, WordTech Communications (2014)

History Faculty

Dr. Scott Amos (also teaches Religious Studies)
  • The Exegete as Theologian: Martin Bucer’s 1550 Cambridge Lectures on Ephesians and His Interpretation of Paul as a Theologian (under contract)
  • Joshua, Judges, Ruth Reformation Commentary on Scripture, Volume 4 (under contract)
Dr. Brian Crim
Dr. Adam Dean
Dr. Lindsay Michie
Dr. Clifton Potter
Dr. Dorothy Potter
Dr. Nichole Sanders
Dr. Michael Santos

Modern & Classical Language Faculty

Dr. Georg Schwarzmann (German & Spanish)
Dr. Tammy Hertel (Spanish)
  • Relaciónate: Comunicación avanzada (with Stasie Harrington), Heinle Cengage Learning (2012)
  • El cine documental: Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film (under contract, with Stasie Harrington)
Dr. Eunice Rojas (Spanish)

International Relations/Political Science Faculty

Dr. Ed DeClair
Dr. Joseph Freeman
Dr. Daniel Lang
Dr. Sabita Manian

Philosophy Faculty

Dr. Thomas Brickhouse

Religious Studies Faculty

Dr. Amy Merrill Willis