Department/Program Appeal Process

Applies to the following majors/programs: Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Health and Physical Education, Health Promotion, Nursing, and Sport Management.

A student who presents a concern about a final department-related decision (i.e. removal from a major or probation in a major) will be required to first discuss the concern with the chairperson of the department – or the school dean, in the absence of the department chair. If the student wishes to appeal the decision after the discussion with the department chair, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. The student will submit a written appeal to the department chair and the dean of the school of Health Sciences and Human Performance within three weeks of receiving notice of this decision. Materials need to be received by three weeks either electronically or physical documentation.
  2. The school dean will establish an appeals file for all correspondence and materials to be available for the appeal.
  3. The school dean will appoint an appeals committee of three members (two department chairs from the school of Health Sciences and Human Performance and one HSHP faculty member) and determine with the committee a date for a review of the appeal.
  4. The school dean will send the department chairperson a copy of the student’s appeal so a response can be submitted if desired. The student will be asked to provide appropriate documentation for the committee review by a specified date. Materials to be submitted may include any documentation or rationale deemed important such as student handbook and/or department policies or student grades.
  5. The student will be notified in writing that 1) the appeal was received, 2) an appeals committee will hear the case, 3) the department chairperson has been contacted for information and the student may submit in writing any additional material by a specified date.
  6. Following the committee meeting, the decision of the committee will be forwarded to the dean of the school of Health Sciences and Human Performance.

Should the committee recommend a change, the dean of the school will convey this to the department chairperson in a timely manner to allow time for consideration of such change.

Approved by HSHP 11-17-2008