Licensure Reciprocity with Other States

Every state has established licensing requirements for teachers employed at public schools and some private schools in that state. These requirements vary greatly from state to state, but most states have entered exchange agreements with other states that are called reciprocity agreements.

The reciprocity agreement allows students who have completed an approved program and are eligible for a license in Virginia to be eligible for a comparable license in any state participating in the agreement. All individual states reserve the right to require additional testing and/or course work to fully satisfy their licensing requirements.

The Commonwealth of Virginia participates in certification reciprocity with more than 40 states and areas. Eligibility for interstate reciprocity is based on completion of a specifically approved program as directed and delivered by Lynchburg College.

In most cases, reciprocity is only available to people who have completed an approved college program and have that designation on their college transcript or who have an active teacher’s license.

States & Territories Currently Covered by the Interstate Reciprocity Agreement Include: