Student Internships

Internships are a great way to get on-the-job experience before you graduate. Internships are offered in cooperation with a faculty sponsor who is responsible for academic quality and assigns your final grade.

Some internships are paid; others are not. You must complete a standard internship contract, available from the Career Development Center (CDC).

A number of internships are available each semester to qualified students. Details of local, national, and international internship openings are on file in the CDC (Career Development Center). Career counseling and resume information is also available to you through the CDC.

You are also encouraged to arrange your own internship, but the details of such an internship must be approved before an offer of internship credit is made.


Junior or senior standing with a minimum 2.25 QPA and approval of the faculty sponsor.


You must register for the internship under the course code (depending on your major) ACCT 399, BUAD 399, ECON 399 or MGMT 399. A maximum of 12 credits may be applied toward graduation. 6 credits may be applied toward the major with school approval. Generally, a minimum of 40 hours at the job site is required for each credit hour granted. Additional research and assignments may also be required.

Arrange an Internship for Credit
Step 1 Contact the Career Development Center for an internship referral or make preliminary contacts on your own with a prospective employer.
Step 2 Obtain a faculty sponsor in the School of Business and Economics willing to sponsor and grade you in your internship experience.
Step 3 Develop details of your internship with a faculty sponsor including: credit hours to be granted, hours required at the job site, any additional research or projects that may be required, method(s) of supervision, and method(s) of grading.
Step 4 Obtain and complete the Internship Contract available through CDC. The following signatures are required:

  • Site Supervisor (from company where you will intern)
  • Faculty Sponsor (faculty member who will grade you)
  • Faculty Advisor (your regular academic advisor)
  • Internship Coordinator (Dr. Mike Schnur)
  • School Dean (Dr. Joe Turek)
Step 5 Register internship by returning completed, signed Internship Contract to CDC. Pick up a registration authorization form at that time and turn in to the Registrar’s Office.