About Us

Engaging students through active learning to build character and advance knowledge.

The Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics offers high-quality professional programs designed to prepare students to excel in a global, rapidly changing, uncertain environment. By integrating theory and practice throughout its educational programs, the School helps students develop effective and ethical management and decision-making skills, including the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary perspectives in pursuit of organizational goals. The School strives for excellence by providing a professional, character-building education built upon a liberal arts foundation.

The School of Business and Economics continuously improves programs and processes in support of its student centered goals:

  1. Develop student competencies in basic business disciplines, critical thinking, oral and written communications, quantitative reasoning, teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurship, and information technology.
  2. Stress integrity and ethics, reinforcing the personal and professional responsibilities of leadership and good citizenship.
  3. Increase student awareness and experience of a diverse and dynamic world environment.
  4. Develop the skills, attitudes, and values that support lifelong learning.
  5. Develop and provide high quality curricula and instruction in a learning-centered environment.
  6. Recruit, retain, and develop highly qualified faculty members for whom student learning is the highest priority.
  7. Contribute to the base of knowledge as appropriate for a liberal arts college where student learning is the primary mission.
  8. Support scholarship and professional activities that allow faculty to develop in-depth areas of expertise, explore new dimensions of their fields of study, or integrate across disciplines.
  9. Develop and maintain strong links to the local, regional, or international communities through focused service and consulting activities.