Research and Scholarship

Don’t just read about research – do it. Discover the excitement of answering questions and raising new ones. In the process, you will apply what you’re learning and learn more.

Predicting Tour de France Times

Chad Hobson with Dr. Eric Goff and a bicyclePhysics major and math minor Chad Hobson ’17 assisted Dr. John Eric Goff, professor of physics, with research aimed at predicting the winning times for each stage of the Tour de France. Using physics, Dr. Goff and Chad predicted the optimal time each stage should take.

 Collaborative research a win-win


Special Education Journal

a man studying and writing in a notebookThe LC Journal of Special Education represents the latest in research and thought in the area of special education. It publishes original papers by LC graduate students and invites submissions from students from other institutions, educators and professionals as well.

LC Journal of Special Education


Breast Cancer Research

Desiree puts a slide onto a microscopeBiochemistry student Desiree Laughlin ’14 learned to believe in her determination and ability. She designed and conducted her own research project with Dr. Allison Jablonski as her guide and mentor. And she graduated as the outstanding senior in her major.

A doctor in the making


researchGraduate Research

Participate in research or scholarship during your program

Graduate research and scholarship  


A DPT student conducts research in the lab with a volunteerInstitutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB provides guidelines and approval for research that involves human subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB)  


Female student in the libraryKnight-Capron Library

Library staff offer instruction in best practices for finding and evaluating information for research projects

Knight-Capron Library