John D. Bower Veterans Scholarship

The Dr. John D. Bower Veterans Scholarship Fund will provide annual scholarships to eligible veteran students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, with first preference to those pursuing degrees in science at LC.

Dr. Bower, a retired physician renowned for his pioneering work with kidney disease and dialysis, served for four years in the U.S. Navy before attending Lynchburg College. He graduated in 1957 after only 30 months.

“After four years of being totally dependent on the military, my apprehension of facing the reality of self-reliance in civilian life was devastating,” Dr. Bower said. “I was incapacitated by my insecurity. The Lynchburg College faculty sensed this and provided tremendous support. They were willing to modify their curriculum to meet my personal needs. This unprecedented support and understanding allowed me to complete four years of college in two and a half years and to be accepted into medical school. Other veterans should have this same opportunity to pursue their education.”

Once the fund reaches $750,000 or more, the Dr. John D. Bower Veterans Advocacy Center will be established to provide resources, computers, special program events, and an environment that aids veterans as they transition from military to academic life and then to professional and civilian life.