Transfer Students

If you have taken classes at another college or university, and decide to stop attending that institution and begin attending Lynchburg College, you are a transfer student.

Make sure to read the following information so that the credits for classes you’ve taken elsewhere will count towards your bachelor’s degree at LC.

If you need assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or by phone at 434.544.8218.

If you haven’t yet applied to LC, see also the admission information on the Visit Events for Transfer Students and Transfer & Adult Student Guide pages.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits toward a degree are allowed only for coursework relevant to the degree.

The Office of the Registrar and appropriate faculty members will decide whether a particular course should transfer, according to approved procedures and standards.

A transfer evaluation is completed once you have applied and been admitted to LC, so you know which courses will be transferred.

Transfer Credit Policy

  1. Lynchburg College uses the course substitution method of determining which transfer course credits may be applied to specific degree requirements. To meet a requirement, a course is usually very similar in content.
  2. Lynchburg College accepts for credit those college courses (typically numbered 100 and above) in which grades of “C” and above were earned. Credits for courses earned with a “S” grade or graded on the pass/fail scale are not accepted.
  3. Credits which do not directly apply to a Lynchburg College degree program may be transferred as electives.
  4. To qualify for graduation from Lynchburg College, a student must complete a minimum of 124 semester hours of study with at least 48 semester hours, including the senior year, in residence at Lynchburg College. In addition, at least 50 percent of all hours applying to the major and at least 50 percent of all hours applying to a minor must be completed at Lynchburg College.
  5. For courses taken in quarter hours, the credits would be converted to semester hours, with one quarter hour being equal to two-thirds of one semester hour. A 3.0 quarter hour course will transfer as 2.0 semester hours.

Transferring From a Virginia Community College

If you are transferring from a Virginia Community College, the following tools will help you determine which of your credits will transfer.

VCCS-LC General Education Courses (PDF)
VCCS-LC List – All Courses (PDF)

VCCS Course-by-Course Comparison of Selected Majors

Accounting (PDF)
Business Administration (PDF)
History: American Emphasis (PDF)
History: European Emphasis (PDF)
Interdisciplinary Studies, Teacher Education: Elementary Education Emphasis (PDF)
Management (PDF)
Marketing (PDF)
Nursing (PDF)
Psychology (PDF)