Public Health

A career in public health encompasses a variety of occupations which are concerned with the social, psychological and physical welfare of the public. Masters and doctoral degrees are available.

Public health or community health educators examine conditions in industry, the environment and in housing and educate the public about communicable diseases and health care. In addition, they may develop community health services specifically tailored to the area’s special needs.

Public health is the science and practice of improving the health and welfare of all people by promoting health and preventing and controlling disease. The work of public health professionals protects our water and food supplies, controls the spread of diseases such as whooping cough and polio and provides the government and public with essential information on health threats.

Major fields of study in public health include:


The need is especially acute for epidemiologists and biostatisticians.

Required Courses

Required courses depend on the area of study in the MPH degree. Consult the graduate school of interest. Many undergraduate majors are acceptable. Many programs also require some experience in the health field, often work experience.

LC offers prerequisites, but does not offer a graduate program in public health.

Standardized Test

Most programs require the GRE.