Podiatry School

There are 9 colleges of podiatry medicine in the U.S. It takes 4 years to obtain a doctorate degree in podiatry. About 1000 applicants apply to podiatric medical schools each year. First year enrollments are between 550-650.

Course Requirements

LC provides prerequisite courses, but does not offer a program in podiatry medicine.

  • Ninety semester hours of undergraduate work are required.
  • A strong liberal arts education is suggested. The course prerequisites for admission into podiatry school are the same as for medical school. Read the section on required courses for medical school.
  • Since podiatry school requires that students take the MCAT, the suggested sequence of courses described in the section on medical school should be followed.
  • The average GPA of matriculants into podiatry schools was about 3.1 and the average science GPA was about 3.0. The average MCAT scores were about 7 in each section.


Applications are made through the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine Application Services. http://www.aacpm.org/


Podiatry schools require the MCAT. Read the information on the MCAT in the section on medical school.