Hornet International

hornet-international-headerThe Hornet International is a student-run newsletter that includes texts in Spanish, French, German, Latin, and other languages in which students would like to express their ideas.

The student editors work closely with our language faculty in order to publish several issues per semester. The articles cover a wide range of genres: poetry, movie review, travel accounts, etc.

Our goal is to create awareness of foreign cultures at our college and also to offer a creative outlet for students who want to write in foreign languages.

Editors Needed

We would like to enlarge our editorial team and are therefore looking for students who are interested in working as Spanish, French, German or Latin editors.

If you would be interested in joining the Hornet International team, please e-mail Dr. Schwarzmann at. It is educating, challenging, and fun.


We are also looking for “free-lance” writers. Don’t hesitate! This is the opportunity to get published!

Please submit your essays, poems, accounts, and other writings in a language other than English to.