Spanish Placement Test

If you have taken Spanish in high school and want to continue taking Spanish at LC, you must first take the Foreign Language Placement Test via Moodle to find out the course in which you need to enroll.

About the Placement Test

The Foreign Language Placement Test determines your proficiency in writing, reading, and culture based on national guidelines established by ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Since speaking and listening, the other two required skills, cannot be assessed by a written test, if you score high enough on the written test to “place out” of, or skip, Spanish 201, you’ll be required to take an individual oral interview with a Spanish instructor.

This is the only way to receive a waiver for the foreign languages component of the General Education requirement. The ACTFL proficiency guidelines help form the minimal core content of Spanish 101, 102, and 201 at Lynchburg College.

Moodle at LC

Moodle is an online service that you’ll use in your classes at LC. Log-in information will be provided for you if you indicated on your schedule preference form that you would like to take Spanish in your first year. (All other students will get their user name at SOAR.)