¡Hola! The ability to speak Spanish is increasingly important: there are more than 300 million Spanish speakers worldwide. A major (BA) or minor in Spanish will help you prepare to be a global citizen.

You can also take Spanish classes to fulfill LC’s language requirement.

What Will I Study?

You’ll take courses in language, culture, literature, and linguistics. Many students combine language study with courses in international relations, environmental science, education, or business.

Spanish majors take a senior thesis course which includes an oral presentation and portfolio of written work.

Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in the Spanish language for a semester, year, or summer with a study abroad experience. LC is affiliated with university programs in Spain, Costa Rice, and Latin America.

What Kind of Job Can I Get?

If you can speak Spanish, you increase your chances of getting any number of jobs. Our graduates’ jobs include working for Univisión Radio (Marleny Castaños ’09), working for the local government in Andalucia, Spain (Carolyn Nelson ’09), and working as an analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice (Kelsey Smith ’10).

Many Spanish majors work in fields like:

  • Government: diplomat, interpreter
  • Education
  • Health care
  • International business
  • Spanish-language media

What Are Some of Our Graduates Doing?

  • Attorney, Coltrane & Grubbs, PLLC
  • Corporate Sales Assistant, Univision Radio

Spanish Graduates Are Teaching at:

  • Bedford County Public Schools
  • Campbell County Public Schools
  • Appomattox County Public Schools
  • Manuel Elementary School

Read more about our graduates.

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn’t stop when class is over! Our Spanish students: