Stephen Southall, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Stephen Southall



  • Completed APA, approved internship program in clinical psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1985
  • PhD, Experimental Psychology, University of Virginia, 1973
  • BA, MA, Psychology, University of Richmond, 1968, 1970

Experience and Background

Dr. Southall taught one year at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., and has been teaching at LC since the fall of 1974.

Professional affiliations

  • Virginia Psychological Association, Academic Division

Teaching and Research Interests


  • Introductory Psychology
  • Sensation/Perception
  • Human Memory

Dr. Southall engages in overseeing approximately 15 research projects each semester individually chosen by students in Perception and Human Memory.

Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

  • The effect of positive and negative stimuli on the tip of the tongue phenomenon
  • Preventing the misinformation effect
  • The effect of consonant and dissonant music on long term memory
  • The effect of interrogation strategies on memory for faces
  • The effect of aromas on emotion and perception of holidays
  • The relative taste adaptation of sweet and sour
  • The effect of distractions on pain
  • Missing the change: the real world implication of change blindness

Personal Information

Growing up on a farm in Deltaville, Va. provided Dr. Southall with years of experience working the fields on the family’s tractors. His father taught him to drive at age 6, and by age 8, he was on a tractor on a regular basis. A most relaxing and enjoyable activity continues to be the time he spends on his tractors whether working on his English boxwood plants, gathering logs for the family woodstove, or simply pulling the hay wagon for his grandchildren.

Dr. Southall considers himself most fortunate to be able to integrate his profession as a teacher and professor of psychology with his enjoyment of growing and distributing boxwood as the owner of English Boxwoods of Virginia. All professors love to speak to an audience and his business provides an additional opportunity to speak and consult with garden clubs and other related organizations as well as individuals seeking knowledge concerning the growth and maintenance of boxwood.

The acquisition in 2008 of a fifth wheel RV (a must for including Willie Bear, a black lab, in family vacations) has opened up a whole new vista of fun and adventure. The family especially looks forward to their annual trek to Kitty Hawk, N.C., where they enjoy the surf, sand, and sunsets that the beach and ocean offer thanks to a Nascar-type observation deck on top of the RV.