Physics Careers

Physics is a versatile undergraduate major – you can take a physics major in so many different directions!

Physics develops physical insight, mathematical skills, critical thinking skills, and a habit of mind that helps ensure success in any endeavor. Of course, physics majors are prepared for the world of work in physics and related disciplines.

A variety of interdisciplinary fields such as materials science, bio-engineering, textile sciences, public policy, environmental sciences, and many others actively recruit physics majors.

Physics majors can also pursue graduate study in most engineering disciplines and in applied mathematics.

Lynchburg College physics graduates are employed in a wide variety of settings, from nuclear engineering to medicine, from high-school teaching to basic research, from mobile radio design to computer consulting, and from the Air Force Weather Service to teaching at West Point. One physics graduate manages one of the most effective and profitable metal recycling operations in the country, while another manages a local quarry.

Physics majors have been highly successful in technical sales careers and in other business ventures.

For more information on careers and on the physics job market, visit the American Institute of Physics and the Society of Physics Students websites.