Work Experience and Internships

Work Experience at LC

You can get experience not only as a performer, but also by working in the Music Department. We have jobs like: office assistant, assistant to Wind Symphony director, assistant to choral director, multimedia coordinator, and multimedia assistant.

Many of these jobs pay through work-study or student employment arrangements while providing knowledge and experience that can help you in your job search after graduation.

Ask the music office about the opportunities; individual faculty and staff members, too, may have a special need for your non-performance skills and interests.

Internships in Music

Internships in the discipline should provide opportunities for practical applications of music in the professional world.

Possible internships areas and sites include:

  • Local Churches: vocal soloists, vocal sectional leaders, organist, pianist, choral directing of children, youth, and adults
  • Opera on the James: sing in chorus or small roles, management support, assistant to directors
  • Music Merchandising: in area businesses
  • Music Management: office assistant, music librarian
  • Music in the Theatre: stage assistant; sing chorus, small roles, or major roles (by audition only); instrumental playing (by audition only), assistant to Music Director; accompanist
  • Music in Education: teacher aid in music; accompanist; provide music services to special education populations for agencies such as Lynchburg ARC Development Center, Central Virginia Training Center, Altavista Adult Home, Guggenheimer Nursing Home, Medical Care Center