In today’s global, digital world, marketing is about creating and delivering value. As the world becomes more integrated, delivering superior value becomes the key difference between success and failure.

Our faculty understands the changing nature of marketing and will empower you to be a force for change in the world. Whether you decide to work for a large corporation, a local business, or a not-for-profit organization, you will be in a position to change how people live their lives through the goods, services and ideas they consume.

As a marketing major (BA), you’ll apply what you learn in class to special projects and internships. As a marketing minor, you will enhance your chosen major by learning how to apply marketing concepts to your field of study. You can further broaden your global perspective by studying abroad.

What Will I Study?

All SOBE majors take the business core – classes that give you a solid foundation in business principles that support your marketing courses.

Your marketing classes build upon those principles and teach you how to develop, manage, communicate and deliver value to the market, through courses in:

  • Market research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing communications
  • Sales – retailing and merchandising
  • Online marketing

Marketing Majors Hold Jobs like:

What Are Some of Our Graduates Doing?

  • Senior Vice President, Technical Management Services, Proxtronics, Inc.
  • Director of Education & Certification, National Association of College Auxiliary Services
  • Tax Representative, Department of Taxation, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Market Develoment Manager, Coca – Cola Refreshments
  • Marketing Specialist, Siemens