Management is everywhere, from organizing your personal life to directing a large corporation. Effective managers are important to an organization’s success because they coordinate plans, business processes, budgets, and people. They create business success and positive experiences for employees and customers.

Our program focuses on studying human and other resources, and ways the manager plans, organizes, staffs, and evaluates those resources.

What Will I Study?

In addition to the core business courses all SOBE majors take, our management major (BA) includes courses like crisis management, change management, and negotiation. You may also minor in management.

Hands-on projects in the community, like those our Management Consulting Group takes on, give you valuable experience you’ll be able to use in your job.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Management majors often hold jobs like:

  • Personnel administrator
  • Human resources personnel
  • Quality control coordinator
  • Small business owner
  • Management analyst or consultant
  • Project manager
  • General manager
  • Operations Manager

What Are Some of Our Graduates Doing?

  • President, Crest Paper Products
  • Chief Executive Officer, Maddox D.O.O
  • Southern District Executive, Boy Scouts of America
  • Equal Employment Specialist, Training Systems Division, Naval Air Warfare Center
  • Law Student, Tulane University