Latin American Studies Minor


Latin America is home to over 550 million people and is a region with increasing global significance. In our own country, Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority.

Our Latin American Studies minor will help you learn about the history, politics, and culture of Latin America. Not only will you get insight into the region, but you’ll increase your attractiveness to employers in many diverse fields.

What Will I Study?

The Latin American Studies minor is interdisciplinary, meaning that the courses come from different areas of study. You’ll take Spanish language and Latin American culture courses, and choose additional courses in politics, history, literature, and language.

What Kind of Job Can I Get?

The Latin American Studies minor pairs well with many majors, like Spanish, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, or Business Administration, among others.

It can help you to get a job in bilingual education, government service, the international marketplace, and healthcare fields.