Sabita Manian, PhD

Professor of International Relations and Political Science


Carnegie 324

Educational Qualifications

  • PhD in Political Science, Department of Political Science, Tulane University, May 1995
  • MA in International Relations, Tulane University, 1989
  • BA in Political Science (Honors) with Economics and History (minor), St. Xavier’s College (Univ. of Calcutta), 1986

Teaching Experience

  • 2001-present: Lynchburg College, Professor, International Relations and Political Science
  • 2000- 2001: Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Visiting Professor, Asian/International Studies
  • 1994-2000: Stephens College, Missouri, Assistant Professor (tenured), International Studies/Political Science


  • “Sub-Continental Lovers: Pakistan-India Relations” in Critical Muslim, Vol. 5, December 2012: 153-163.
  • Sex Trafficking: A Global Perspective – book co-edited with K. McCabe, Rowman & Littlefield / Lexington, April 2010
  • “Globlization’s Gendered Consequences in the Caribbean” (co-author B. Bullock), in Benjamin & Hall eds.Eternal Colonialism, University Press of America, February 2010
  • Chutney, Jhanda and Kala Pani: Reaffirming Indo-Caribbean Ethno-Gender Identity” (co-author B. Bullock), in B. Giri, ed. Thinking Territory: Some Reflections, Pencraft International, 2009
  • War and International Relations: A Critical exploration through Bakhtinian Diaologic and Huizinga’s Homo Ludens” in Theory as Variation ed. by R. Radhakrishnan et al. Pencraft International, New Delhi, 2007.
  • Georgetown Shuffle: Ethnic Politics of Afro-Guyanese, Amerindians, and Indo-Guyanese in Postcolonial Guyana” in Perspectives on Contemporary Ethnic Conflict, ed. S. C. Saha, Lexington Books, 2006
  • Pedagogy and Experience: Bringing Japan into the Classroom,” co-authored with Dwight Lang et al, Japan Studies Review, Vol. 10, 2006: 75-91.
  • Blood, Sex and Power: a Learning Community,” with N. Sanders, Journal of Women’s History, Vol. 17(4), Winter 2005: 162-170.
  • Israeli Party Politics: What is Shas for the Goose is not Sauce for the Gander,” in David Lesch, ed.,History in Dispute: The Middle East Since 1945, St. James Press/Gale Group, 2003.
  • Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism: Its Origins and Developments in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,” A.J. Wilson, book review, National Identities, 3(3) 2001: 284-287.
  • “Ideology and Civil-Military Relations: A Comparison of India, Pakistan and Burma/Myanmar In the Nineties ,” Association of Third World Studies, Conference Proceedings, 17th Annual meeting, Costa Rica 1999: 227-251,

Conference Papers, Workshops, and Public Lectures

  • Glocalized Rituals: Indo-Caribbeans in St. Lucia – paper (accepted for presentation), the International Society for the Sociology of Religion (SISR-ISSR), Belgium, July 2015
  • Transoceanic Encounters: Bridging Lucian Identities – paper (accepted for
  • presentation), the Caribbean Studies Association meeting, New Orleans, May 2015

  • Violence in the Middle East and US Foreign Policy – lecture (tbp), Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions Series, February 2015
  • Not in My Name: Mideast Politics – lecture, the Unitarian Universalist church, Lynchburg, VA, December 2014
  • Bridging Identities: Lucian-Indian Women & Rites – paper presented at the International Conference on the Indian Diaspora in Belize & the Wider Caribbean, Belize, 2014
  • “Where is the East?” panel member, First Polylogue of the Center for Postnormal Policy & Future Studies. Chicago, East-West University, May 2014
  • Translating the Voices of Sex Workers: Analysis of ‘Whores’ Glory’- presented at the International Conference of the Forum on Contemporary Theory, Mysore, India, December 2013
  • World Peace Game Panelist, Lynchburg Peace Education Center, Public Library, 2014
  • Grapes of Wrath: St. Lucia, Grenada, and the Two Chinas, paper presented at the Caribbean Studies Association Meeting in Grenada, May 2013
  • From Dalpuri to Dougla: A Constructed Spectrum of Indo-Lucian citizenship in St. Lucia, paper presented at the Caribbean Studies Meeting in Guadeloupe, May 2012
  • Whose Honor? Gender, Caste and Globalization in 21st Century India: An Invited Guest Lecture at Shanghai University, June 2010
  • Sex Trafficking in the Caribbean: The Business and Politics of Victimization, to be presented at the Caribbean Studies Meeting in May 2010
  • AFPAK: US Defense Strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Foreign Policy Association Lecture Series, February 2009
  • Indo-Caribbean Identity Construction– paper presented at the Rocky Mountain MLA meeting, Reno, NV, Oct. 2008
  • Trafficking And Human Security: Horn of Africa – presentation at the Road to GuluPanel, Lynchburg College, April 2008
  • China as a Rising Power – Presentation at the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions Series, February 2008
  • Reaffirming Indo-Caribbean Ethno-Gender Identity – Paper presentation, 10th International Conference on Contemporary Theory, Goa, India, December 2007
  • Poverty, Hunger and Homelessness: A Global Perspective – Presentation at the Bonner Poverty Alleviation Panel, LC, November 2007
  • Himalayan David vs. Goliath: Hidden Struggles of Tibetan Resistance – Invited Guest Speaker, Georgia College & State University, October 2006
  • Name the Price: Tyranny and Freedom of Sex Trafficking– Guest Speaker for Lynchburg College’s Senior Symposium, October 2006

Teaching Experience

  • Global Politics
  • Politics of the UN: Model UN
  • Comparative Foreign Policies
  • Modern Japan
  • Growling Tigers: Asia Pacific
  • Honor and Terror Politics: South Asia
  • I.R. Research Methods
  • International Organizations
  • World Civilizations: I and II
  • Quest For Justice II
  • International Relations (theory)
  • I.R. Senior Thesis Seminar
  • Contemporary Political Problems
  • Blood, Sex and Power in Global Politics (Learning Community Course)
  • Study Abroad: India – Global & Local
  • Service Through Learning: St. Lucia Politics
  • Serve and Learn: India & the NGO Community
  • Westover Honors Seminar: Jihad vs. McWorld
  • Westover Honors Seminar: Emerging Asian Powers (China & India)
  • Westover Honors Seminar: Ethics and Human Rights
  • Westover Honors Seminar: Cuba and the Caribbean
  • Westover Honors Seminar: Global Issues

Awards and Grants

  • Thomas C. Allen Award for Excellence in Advising, Lynchburg College, 2014
  • Shirley Rosser Award for Excellence in Teaching, Lynchburg College, April 2010
  • Dutch Hutchinson Award for Excellence in Advising, Sigma Nu Fraternity, April 2010
  • Summer Research Grant (Lynchburg College) for field trip in India, April 2006
  • Senior Superlative Award for Most Creative Teaching Style, February 2005
  • Mednick Fellowship from VFIC for research work in Guyana, Summer 2002
  • Lynchburg College Faculty Development Grant for Japan Seminar and Travel, Summer 2002
  • LC Faculty Development Funds 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2005-06, 2008-09, 2009-10

Personal Interests

  • Reading – fiction, western and non-western literature, poetry
  • Political discussions
  • Films – foreign films and old black and white films
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Traveling
  • Listening to Jazz music

History is…

“The quarrels of popes and kings, with wars and pestilences in every page; the men all so good for nothing, and hardly any women at all.” — Jane Austen, The Columbia World of Quotations, 1996)