European Union Simulation

Lynchburg College is a member of the Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation Consortium that sponsors one of only a few simulations in North America that encompass nearly all institutions of the EU. The program offers students the opportunity to put into practice, in a meaningful context, what they have learned in the classroom.

Nearly 200 students from 15 institutions of higher learning meet in the fall to debate timely issues of importance to the 27-member European Union.

In the past, students have conducted in-depth studies of:

  • Immigration policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Energy issues
  • Common agricultural policy
  • Economic and monetary union
  • European Union enlargement
  • European Neighborhood policy

During the 4-day simulation in Washington, D.C., students attend a briefing at a European embassy and meet with specialists engaged in U.S./European relations. The European Union Simulation is designed to promote maximum engagement from all participants, and its small size and working group atmosphere encourage students to take part in the deliberative process.

Opportunities for leadership development abound.

LC students have been elected to chair party caucuses, have served as chairs and rapporteurs of committee meetings, and have been elected to the presidency of the European Parliament. Many LC students have also received “Outstanding” awards in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the simulation.