Past Times

At Lynchburg College, we help you to understand that history is all around us. The story of the past is a rich and complex tapestry that spans centuries, cultures, and localities.

You don’t need to go any further than Lynchburg College history to see the connections!

From the Pages of LC History

history-hopwoodsJosephus and Sarah Hopwood. The Hopwoods sought to make higher education accessible to men and women who could not afford it and to instill in them a strong moral conscience. “Christian education – the hope of the world” -Josephus Hopwood

history-crightonJohn Crighton, student in the 1920s, Lynchburg College. Crighton helped to promote interracial understanding in the 1920s – putting into practice the moral/Christian based ideals of the College’s founder, Josephus Hopwood.

Helen P. Witt, from Madison Heights, Va., became the first African American to graduate from Lynchburg College in 1967.

Lew Sue Ben, from China, was the first international student to graduate from Lynchburg College in 1909.

Riley B. Montgomery, President of Lynchburg College, 1936-1949; stood up for social justice issues; Montgomery Hall was named after him.