History Seminar

The History Department at Lynchburg College sponsors a History Seminar to be held at selected times each semester, when Lynchburg College students and faculty gather to hear a short paper presented by one of their own, often based on current research.

Topics range widely over the broad field of history, and can include papers from other fields of study that have an historical aspect, as well as papers presented by invited speakers from outside the immediate College community.

Spring 2015 History Seminar

For the Spring Semester 2015, the History Seminar will meet on January 28, February 25, and March 18 (all Wednesdays) from 4:30-5:45 p.m. in Schewel 231. We will also have an additional meeting of the Seminar on Thursday, April 9 at 4:30, also in Schewel 231.

On January 28, we will hear from Matt Drumheller and Sam Wolke, both undergraduate majors in History here at LC, and Emily Martin, who is in our graduate program. Matt Drumheller’s paper is “Pay-to-Play: How the Economic Growth of College Football has Shaped the Athlete Compensation Argument.” Sam Wolke will present “An Examination of the Diagnoses and Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder for Military Veterans in the Early Twentieth Century.” Ms. Martin will present “Searching for Legitimacy: Student Activists in the Civil Rights Movement of Virginia.”

On February 25, our speaker will be Ian Michie, a PhD Candidate at the University of North Carolina-Greesnboro and an adjunct in the History Department here at LC. His paper is entitled “Lionel Wafer: A Surgeon Buccaneer and the War on Piracy in Late Seventeenth-Century Colonial Virginia.”

On March 18, Heather Weidner (adjunct Professor of History) will present “The Devil Goes to Sea: monsters, spirits, and the sensational early modern Atlantic.”

And finally, on Thursday, April 9, we will hear from Dr. John McKee Barr, who is a Professor of History at Lone Star College-Kingwood, in Kingwood, Texas. Dr Barr’s paper is entitled “Understanding Why He Was Hated in Order to Understand Why He Was Loved: Loathing Abraham Lincoln as an American Tradition.” This session will meet at 4:30 in Schewel 231. Dr. Barr’s visit is sponsored in part by the Potter Lecture Fund.

All are welcome. For questions, please contact Dr. Nichole Sanders, Department of History, .