James Owens, PhD

Professor of History

James Owens


Carnegie 113


  • BA history, 1964 Presbyterian College
    Clinton, S.C.
  • MA history and government, 1966 Texas A. & M. University
    College Station, Tex.
  • PhD history, 1975 University of Georgia
    Athens, Ga.


I began my full-time teaching career at Lynchburg College in 1969 after spending four years as a teaching assistant at the University of Georgia. I have also coached swimming and water polo at L.C. I was invited to attend the 1986 workshop on U.S. Military History at the United States Military Academy and to be an Eli Lilly Scholar at Duke University, 1977-78. I was a member of the National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar lead by the noted Civil War historian Bell I. Wiley in 1976.

Professional/Research Interests

My major fields of interest are primarily in American history, especially Ante-Bellum, Civil War, Reconstruction, African American, Southern, and Quaker history.

Courses Taught

I have taught numerous courses over the years: History of Western Civilization, History of World Civilization, U.S. History to 1815, U.S. History 1815-1900, Ante-Bellum South, New South, African American, Rise of the American Cities, Civil War and Reconstruction, U.S. Diplomatic, U. S. Military, Senior Seminar in American History and Lee’s Retreat from Petersburg. I have also taught Senior Symposium and taught an honors course on the Southern Plantation in the fall 1997 term.

Professional Associations

Southern Historical Association
Friends Association for Higher Education

Personal Interests

Besides reading history, I also read about current events and mystery novels. I collect oriental rugs and ethnic weavings. When time permits, I play with my stereo system. (I am committed to tubed equipment and vinyl). Only recently have I owned CDs. I practice Qi Kung.