Departmental Honors – History

Note:  For History, students may apply for Honors through submission and defense of their senior thesis only; application by way of written and oral examination is not an option for the History Program.


Step 1:

The student fills out the top portion of the Application for Major Program Honors (PDF) (name, ID number, major, anticipated graduation date, etc.).

At this stage, the student should also tentatively arrange for an examining committee, consisting of three faculty members. At least two members, one of whom will be the chair, must be from the History Department; the third will have appropriate expertise in the subject but may be from another department. Ideally, the chair will be the second reader of the HIST 402 paper or the instructor of HIST 402.

Step 2:

The student takes the form to the office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences no later than February 1 (for May/August candidates) or October 1 (for January candidates).

The School Dean’s Office will then send the application to the Registrar’s Office for confirmation that the applicant qualifies for Honors.

Step 3:

The Registrar verifies degree candidacy and that the student has a qualifying QPA for honors. The student is notified of the result. The Registrar will return the application form to the Dean’s Office.

Step 4:

The student will notify the members of the examining committee that the application has been approved, and the student will arrange with them for the time, date and location of the defense of the thesis. 

Note: Since the results of the defense must be received by the School Dean’s Office before April 1 (for May/August candidates) or December 1 (for January candidates), the defense must take place by March 31 (for May/August candidates) or November 30 (for January candidates).

Step 5:

After the defense, the chair of the examining committee will notify the School Dean’s Office of the result and the level of honors awarded; the School Dean will then sign the application form as appropriate and send it to the Registrar’s Office.

Step 6:

The student will submit one copy of the completed thesis, signed by the thesis committee, to the SHUSS office (Carnegie 311).