Gender Studies Minor

The gender studies minor examines the ways in which gender shapes society. How is gender affected by culture? How does gender relate to nations, sexuality, religions, class, and race?

As scholarship has grown over the last 30 years, theoretical explorations of gender have developed into powerful tools that help us formulate solutions to inequalities in cultures around the world.

Our program offers an interdisciplinary, critical-thinking approach to issues, from the personal to the global.

What Will I Study?

Courses in the minor come from various areas like literature, history, psychology, and sociology.

Courses that fulfill the requirements for the 2012-2013 academic year:

  • GNDR 210: Introduction to Gender Studies
  • GNDR 410: Gender Studies Capstone Project
  • ENGL 334: Gender and Literature
  • H P 340: Women’s Health Issues
  • HIST 336: American Social History
  • SOCI 222: Minority Groups
  • SOCI 231: Marriage and the Family
  • SPMG 350: Gender and Sport: Issues and Controversies

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