Human Performance Lab

The Walker Human Performance Laboratory allows LC students and faculty to examine numerous aspects of health, wellness, and human performance.

The 1500 sq ft space is used for laboratory, research, and class activities.

Equipment available for student and staff use:

  • ParvoMed Metabolic Cart
  • TrackMaster Treadmill
  • VeloTron Cycle Ergometer with Wingate Capabilities
  • Monark Aerobic Cycle Ergometers
  • Bod Pod by COMSED/Life Measurements, Inc.
  • Lodi Cycle Ergometer
  • Quinton Stress Test Treadmill
  • Dartfish
  • Vertec
  • 2 Hewlett-Packard PageWriter 100 EKG machines

Physiological Performance & General Fitness Testing Program

The Exercise Physiology Department provides affordable physiological performance and fitness testing and analysis by trained exercise physiologists. Testing is performed in the Human Performance Laboratory under the guidance of trained exercise physiology staff.

Testing can be completed on any age group, although specific guidelines are in place for seniors and adolescents.

Tests include:

  • VO2max Test
  • Lactate Threshold Test
  • Anaeobic Power (Wingate) Test
  • Body Composition
  • Submaximal Aerobic Fitness Testing