David R. Perault, PhD

Professor and Coordinator
Environmental Science Department Chair


Degrees and Certifications

  • BA in Environmental Sciences
    University of Virginia
  • MS in Fisheries and Wildlife
    Utah State University
  • PhD in Zoology
    University of Oklahoma


Prior to arriving at Lynchburg College, I spent several years completing my graduate research assessing the effects of landscape heterogeneity on species biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest. For my previous position at the University of Oklahoma, I worked on the Oklahoma Gap Analysis Project, modeling animal distributions across the state based on geographic ranges and habitat requirements. I also taught in the Geography Department. Before attending graduate school, I worked for the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service as both a Biological and a Forestry Technician.

Professional Interests/Research

My research interests revolve around quantifying natural landscape patterns, assessing human impacts on those patterns, and studying how such impacts affect natural processes. I use many tools, primarily Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing, along with field data, to make these assessments. Ultimately, results can be incorporated into natural resource management strategies.

Courses Taught

I teach a variety of Environmental Science courses, including the Intro course, GIS, Environmental Hydrology, Environmental Geology, Meteorology, and Remote Sensing. I am also advising several students on their internships and environmental research projects.

Personal Info/Interests

I enjoy kayaking, skiing, and hiking. More leisurely interests include chess, cooking, reading, and listening to classical music.