Amelia Walker and her supervisor Ms. Brenda White
Amelia Walker ’16 and her supervisor Ms. Brenda White

No other undergraduate major can match English for versatility in the job market. An English degree will serve you in many different careers. But you know this already. What’s the next step? An internship!

Whether you want to pursue a career in law, medicine, sales, management, advertising, public relations, publishing, editing, entertainment, technical writing, or creative writing – an internship is a great way to connect what happens in the classroom with the work world.

Internships also let you try out future careers and really discover what it is that you want to do. Plus, it’s great to enter the job market with experience!

Most students complete internships during their junior and/or senior years, or during the summer. You must be at least a rising junior to do an internship. A minimum GPA of 2.25 is required. Internships usually earn credit hours, but some internships are paying. You can choose to do more than one internship.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Cheryl Coleman, English Department Internship Coordinator, at 434.544.8898, email: or contact Career Services.

For my 2015 summer internship, I was given the privilege to work with Pittsylvania County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. It was a phenomenal learning experience that helped me to grow and develop in many different areas. As an intern, I was able to file court official documents, attend a variety of court cases, and observe attorneys analyzing cases. I thought I was going to only answer the phone, file papers, and look over court official documents; however, as an intern, I was also able to attend court cases and see exactly how court is carried out. On the days that court was not in session, I would use the extra time to review my notes for the previous days or have conversations with the attorneys and clerks within the office. I would certainly recommend the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to anyone interested in seeing how an English major can transfer over into the field of law.
Amelia Walker '16
I interned for Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), a nationwide, nonprofit, education, advocacy, and outreach organization that also provides shelter for victims of domestic violence. My English skills, such as writing and analyzing information, provided me with an advantage when working with victims. I was able to complete tasks assigned to me so effectively that the organization offered me a position after graduation.
Caroline Bailey '13