Leslie Layne, PhD

Assistant Professor of English, Teacher Licensure
First Year Writing Coordinator
Sigma Tau Delta Faculty Advisor


Carnegie 231

Degrees and Certifications

  • PhD, Linguistics, Melbourne University
  • MA Preliminary, Linguistics, La Trobe University
  • BA, Spanish, The College of William and Mary


  • 2004-present: Assistant Professor of English, Lynchburg College
  • I received my PhD in Linguistics from Melbourne University in Australia, where I taught before coming to Lynchburg College in 2004

Professional/Research Interests

My research interests include syntax, semantics, English language linguistics, English grammar, and pragmatics. My PhD was on abstract theoretical syntax, focusing particularly on development of a theory of grammar called Categorial Grammar. I usually explain this to non-linguists as a mathematical model of language, but it also involves a great deal of semantics and logic.

Information on Courses Taught

Undergrad Courses:

Engl 111 and 112 – Composition I and II
Honr 103 – Advanced English Composition
Engl 401 – History of English
Engl 315 – English Grammar
Engl 201 – Literature and Culture I

Graduate Courses:

Engl 601 – History of English
Engl 613 – Advanced English Grammar and Linguistics

Personal Information

I enjoy traveling and have done so fairly extensively. I love music so much that I cannot seem to get enough of it. I am also an avid amateur astronomer and self-proclaimed computer geek. And I have a peculiar fascination with wombats…