Student Spotlights

2014 Student Scholar Showcase

Thirteen English students presented in this year’s showcase: Sarah Czerniak, Angela Arthur, Savannah Evans, Melanie Tenney, Paige Hammock, Emma Kinsey, Erin Gough, Rachel Basham, Janine Fowler, Rebecca Brummett, Samantha Chapman, Leah Vitello, and Ashley Rynard. Faculty sponsors: Dr. Robin Bates, Dr. Leslie Layne, Dr. Kate Gray, and Dr. Cheryl Coleman.

Congratulations to our students!


Senior Sammie Chapman to work with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps

Beginning in August, Sammie Chapman will participate in a yearlong program called the Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC), which partners with nonprofits in multiple U.S. cities to work toward peace and justice. LVC provides housing and a stipend for individuals who serve at these non-profits during the year.

Sammie has been placed with a program called BEST Kids, which is a mentoring program for children in foster care in Washington, D.C. As a program coordinator, she will help to recruit and train volunteer mentors as well as plan group activities for all the mentors and mentees.


2013 Summer Study Abroad Trip – London

An Exploration of British Drama

Faculty leaders: Robin Bates and Allison Wilkins. Participating students were Becca Brummett, Sammie Chapman, Christian Chenail, Ann Dorris, Janine Fowler, Theresa Gilette, Erin Gough, Paige Hammock, Pierce Hawkins, Emma Kinsey, Deirdre Scanlon, Jessie Schnurer, Leah Vitello, Nik Warkoski, Emma Williams, and Courtney Zongrone. Sixteen LC English majors and minors traveled to London in the summer of 2013 to study British theatre with a performance theory focus in the Global Studies program, An Exploration of British Drama, taught by Professor Robin Bates.

The students first read a selection of British plays from the 17th century to the present and spent a week on campus discussing the plays and preparing for life in London. The group then traveled to London to live for two weeks and study with British actors and directors in workshops with the National Theatre, The Globe, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; see six plays that included a range of West End blockbusters and experimental fringe theatre; study and write performance reviews through classes held at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; tour historically significant theatre venues such as the Banqueting House and the Royal Theatre Drury Lane; and enjoy London life together in the landmarks, gardens, and pubs that make the city great. Several of the students took advantage of the option to also study Travel Writing with Professor Allison Wilkins, reading works by others and making use of their London experiences to compose travel writing of their own.

Work Published in Allegheny Review

Senior Adam Pollak’s poem “Unknown” has been accepted for publication by The Allegheny Review.

Old Line Publishing Internship

Junior English major Emma Kinsey will be working as an intern during summer 2013 for Old Line Publishing.

2013 Adrienne Athanas ’13 and Diana Clark ’13 Accepted to Writers Institute 

Senior English majors Adrienne Athanas ’13 and Diana Clark ’13 have been accepted to the 2013 New York State Summer Writers Institute, which will be held at Skidmore College in July.