Candace Todd, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Candace Todd


Schewel 322

Dr. Candace Todd has a BA in peace studies from Manchester College, an MA in communication studies from California State University, Sacramento; and a PhD in communication studies from the University of Iowa.At LC, Dr. Todd teaches freshmen to senior level classes in communication studies including Small Group Communication, Media and Culture, and Special Topics such as Environmental Communication, and Communication and Leadership.

Her research interests have always varied widely, from studying social movements to kindergarten rituals, and presidential rhetoric to heroes (fictional and factual) as persuasive figures. Dr. Todd is interested in issues of identity and agency by observing strategies of symbolic interaction, and analyzing their larger social implications.

Her personal interests have also varied widely from earning her black belt in karate, to earning her EMT-B. Currently (when not working on research), she is studying game design, Buddhism, and photography.