William J. Lokar, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry Department Chair

William Lokar



  • PhD in Physical Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2004
  • B.S. in Chemistry, Allegheny College, 1999

Experience and Background

Dr. Lokar completed his graduate work in 2004 at Virginia Tech under William A. Ducker.  During his graduate career he was awarded the Chemistry Department Advisory Council’s Graduate Research Award in 2003.  In addition he conducted visiting research at Wageningen University in the Netherlands working with Frans Leermakers and Luuk Koopal studying colloidal systems with Self-Consistent Field (SCF) theory.  Since his arrival at Lynchburg College, Dr. Lokar has served as a past chair of the Virginia Blue Ridge Section of the American Chemical Society, a past chair of the Lynchburg College Faculty and currently as Department Chair of Chemistry.

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Lokar’s primary teaching responsibilities have included introductory and physical chemistry as well as the department’s Writing Enriched (WE) research methodology course.  Dr. Lokar has both instructional and research interests in the area of surface and colloidal chemistry and has taught a special topics course on the subject.  His graduate work encompassed the areas of physical chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science, where he focused on the regulation of colloidal interactions by surfactants.  He continues to work with students studying these colloidal systems with Self-Consistent Field Theory.  Aside from Dr. Lokar’s work in the areas of surface chemistry, he is up for working with students to develop their research skills in in a wide variety of areas.

Personal Information

Dr. Lokar spends much of his free time with his wife and two boys.   He is a huge baseball fan and can often be found tuned into a game somewhere.  In addition to his love for baseball, Dr. Lokar is a DIY fanatic.  He enjoys remodeling, building, and repairing a wide variety of things including houses, cars, and his children’s various toys.  Dr. Lokar enjoys finding creative solutions to all sorts of situations, not just those in the classroom.