Student Spotlight: Alex

Meet Alex, senior Business Administration major.

What do you like best about being a SOBE student?

“My favorite part of being a SOBE student is the relationships I have with my professors. I feel as if I am the same person in and out of the classroom; I am allowed to speak my mind, express my thoughts, and am encouraged to participate in the classroom. The SOBE professors encourage real world experience. They want you to succeed. I also feel as if – and I don’t know if this is just my personal feeling – but I want to make my SOBE professors proud. I want to succeed in their classes and have their respect just as much as I respect them.”


How has SOBE prepared you for the “real world?”

“Many of my professors have created or simulated real world experiences in the classroom and have allowed us to succeed and fail in these simulations. It’s helpful that they give us the freedom to make our own decisions and choices but are there to help us when things don’t turn out exactly as we plan. Allowing us to test our knowledge in the classroom helps us make practical and effective decisions in our real world internships or jobs.”


What was your most rewarding internship experience?

“[During my internship] for Natalie Dressed – owning my own consignment store one day is a goal and dream of mine. Learning and working with women who took over the consignment store less than a year ago and have doubled their sales in that time was extremely inspirational and I found it extremely rewarding to be working so closely with them.”


What advice would you offer to an incoming student planning on majoring in business?

“Become a Business Administration major – ha! But seriously, start taking business classes as soon as possible and creating relationships with your professors. It’s extremely worthwhile to know your professors – you can ask for advice and help whether it’s related to issues in or out of the classroom.  Some of the greatest people I have met at LC have been my professors and now experiencing almost three years in the SOBE program I wouldn’t change my major and haven’t regretted my decision to be a BUAD major at all.”