Program Goals

The Lynchburg College Biology Program exposes students to a broad range of biological knowledge, stressing an inquiry-based approach that fosters student-centered, active learning. We provide an environment in which students can develop a strong foundation in biology enabling them to think critically, learn technical skills for solving biological problems, and communicate biological information in oral and written formats.

We expect undergraduate students to master the basic principles of biology, gain an appreciation for the diversity of life, recognize evolution as the fundamental underpinning of biological understanding, and identify and value elegant science through traditional classroom training, experiential learning, and close interactions between students and faculty.

Our goal is to prepare students for careers in field biology, laboratory biology, education and the health sciences, as well as provide the requisite structure for graduates to pursue advanced degrees. The program’s curriculum prepares all students for a lifetime of learning and to take an active leadership role in society by making informed decisions on issues that impact our lives.

Goals of the Biology Major

Goal 1: Undergraduate students in Biology will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge in the field of biology.
Goal 2: Undergraduate students in Biology will develop a conceptual framework to understand the use and application of biological principles.
Goal 3: Undergraduate students in Biology will develop the technical skills of the discipline.