Transfer Policy

We accept transfers into the Athletic Training major under the following conditions:

  1. You must be accepted to Lynchburg College in order to be considered for admission into the AT major.
  2. You must apply to the AT major with the same application process as other students. Admission is competitive and all who apply may not be accepted into the program.
  3. You must meet all selection criteria.
  4. If you were not accepted into a CAATE accredited AT major at your prior institution, you must complete the entire 3-year clinical education program.
  5. If you are transferring following admission into another CAATE accredited athletic training education program, you must show verification of proficiencies met and clinical experiences satisfied if you wish to eliminate some of the clinical education program. The LC AT major may not parallel your original school’s clinical education structure. Therefore, one year of clinical education at your original school may not transfer in as one year of clinical education at LC.
  6. If you transfer following admission into another CAATE accredited athletic training education program, you must take the LC semester-end competency examinations to show your proficiency in AT skills if you wish to eliminate a clinical education course or courses. In order to be eligible to test out of a clinical course, you must show proof of successful completion of the experience requirement and proficiencies assigned to this course. Proof typically entails the syllabus and letter from the original Program Director verifying the proficiencies that have been satisfied.
  7. Didactic course work will be waived based on content taught in LC AT courses. It is your responsibility to show prior course content completed. A course syllabus is typically the best means of comparing LC and other institution courses. Transfer students are held to the same retention criteria as LC students. Grades in AT major courses must be B- or better.
  8. Transfer applications are reviewed by the program director for completeness. Transfer application material is then reviewed by the primary AT faculty to determine the most appropriate level for you in the LC AT major.