Delane Karalow, PhD

Associate Professor of Art History


Dr. Karalow is currently chair of the Art Department at Lynchburg College where she has taught for nine years. An art historian by training and by vocation, Dr. Karalow discovered her love for art and architecture at an early age, while living in Europe.

She earned her BA, MA and PhD in the history of art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

She has presented papers at the College Art Association and for the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb, Croatia.

She has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University, Averett University, the University of Indianapolis, and at Longwood University.

She travels often to Rome, the Eternal City, where she takes students to study every year. As an art historian, Professor Karalow’s area of emphasis is Roman Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture, focusing especially on the painting of Caravaggio, and the work of the Venetian architect, Andrea Palladio. The focus of her current research is the relationship between Renaissance philosophy and late 16th century and early 17th century Italian painting.