2015 Information

governors-school6The theme for the Summer Residential Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology at Lynchburg College is a quote from Marie Curie: “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

Accordingly, we will challenge each student to learn a substantial amount about a particular area in mathematics, science, and/or technology at the same time that we illustrate the ever-increasing interdisciplinary nature of modern science, mathematics, and engineering.

In addition to hands-on laboratory and multimedia-based instruction in content areas outlined by courses, students will be exposed to a series of interdisciplinary questions pertaining to the nature of science, the design of scientific experiments, the respective roles of logic and mathematics in science, and public-policy aspects of science and technology. Finally, students will observe the interplay between experimentation, imagination, and logic.

The program will have 5 primary objectives:

  1. To challenge students to learn what science is in a hands-on way, using a variety of means, both non-traditional and traditional, including selected lectures, individual discussions with faculty, laboratory, computer simulations, multimedia, Internet research, small-group research projects, and small-group discussions.
  2. To help students understand how science and mathematics are justified; how the standards of proof in science and mathematics are different from those in other fields and even from each other.
  3. To provide opportunities for students to learn the importance of the inquisitive and open mind in the search for knowledge by scientific means.
  4. To allow students to explore the relationships between themselves and the world of science in both their present and their future by providing opportunities to see science in action in the workplace and by providing opportunities for career counseling in science.
  5. To provide opportunities and encouragement for students to build lasting relationships with peers and with adults by stressing a shared commitment to the fun and excitement of learning and to the life of the mind.

The 2015 Summer Residential Governor’s School for Mathematics, Science, and Technology will offer 10 core courses. Each of these courses provides more than 60 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction – more than a standard 3-credit hour college course – and each has a major laboratory, experimental, research, or field component, plus an Internet component.