Temporary Disabilities

Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to concussion, surgery, acute (short-term) illness and injured limbs. These disabilities may qualify for temporary accommodations for a short period of time (several weeks to a full semester).

Academic Accommodations

Students requesting academic accommodations through Disability Services must provide documentation (PDF) of their temporary disability that supports the need for specific accommodations. Students should arrange an appointment with the Disability Services Coordinator by calling 434.544.8339.

Personal Equipment

Wheelchairs, scooters and crutches are the responsibility of the student. Disability Services has a scooter available on a first come, first served basis for individuals with temporary disabilities. For more information, contact the Disability Services Coordinator at .


Julia R. Timmons
Disability Services Coordinator
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501
434.544.8687 or 434.544.8339
Fax 434.544.8808