Request Records

If you are a current or former Lynchburg College student registered with the Disability Services Office (DSO) and would like to have a copy of your documentation sent to you, please do the following:

  • Email the Disability Services Coordinator at
  • In the subject line write “Request for Student Records”
  • In the body of the email, provide:
    • First and last name (as they appeared on your college records)
    • Last date attended at LC (or “currently enrolled)
    • Lynchburg College ID number
    • Date of birth
    • Contact phone number
  • Indicate why you need your records (graduate school, transfer, personal needs)
  • Indicate what you are requesting

The DSO does not send your records directly to a third party. Records will be sent to you and you may distribute them to another party.

Please note, the DSO shreds records 5 years after a student’s last date of enrollment. Beyond that time, record of your use of accommodations may not be available.


Julia R. Timmons
Disability Services Coordinator
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501
434.544.8687 or 434.544.8339
Fax 434.544.8808