Academic Accommodations

The following information is important to students with disabilities once Academic Accommodations have been approved:

  1. Students who have been approved for accommodations will be added to a listserv for all students with disabilities (). Communication regarding information specific to the needs of this group of students is communicated through this listserv. Messages are sent to students “blind” so that confidentiality is maintained.
  2. Approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester, students are notified through the listserv it is time to request accommodation letters for the semester. Students must respond to this email request the number of letters they need for the semester. Once letters are ready, students are notified by email and can pick them up in the reception area of Academic and Career Services. If no changes are requested to previously approved accommodations, no appointment is necessary. If accommodations are approved at or after the beginning of the semester, letters are created and provided at that time.
  3. Accommodation letters last for a period of one semester. Students must request accommodation letters each semester.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to provide accommodation letters to his/her professors each semester. The student is advised to meet privately with each professor to create an understanding of how the disability impacts learning and arrange a plan of implementation for accommodations (testing arrangements, information regarding use of technology, etc.).
  5. Academic accommodations begin from the time letters are provided to individual faculty.
  6. Accommodations are not retroactive and cannot be applied to events, assignments or assessments occurring previous to the faculty receiving a copy of accommodations letters each semester.
  7. Lynchburg College does not have a Testing Center. Students seeking assessment/testing accommodations are generally expected to make those arrangements with individual faculty. Students must give faculty reasonable notice of their plans to implement accommodations and make necessary arrangements, or to change previously made plans.
  8. While we strongly encourage students to test with their faculty, they may choose to use Test Proctoring services. These services are offered on a limited basis for students with disabilities through Academic and Career Services. Three business days prior notice is required. To make a reservation:
    1. Go to MyLC, Online Forms, Disability Test Proctoring.
    2. Complete the form fields and submit.
    3. Faculty for the course and Disability Services are notified.
    4. Wait for the confirmation email and note whether any changes have been made.
    5. Notify Disability Services should your plans change and cancellation is necessary.
    6. Come to Academic and Career Services at the designated time to take your test.  Faculty will provide your test to our office prior to this time.
    7. Please note this is also the form used to arrange for exam accommodations.  Advance notice is required and space is limited.
  9. The Disability Services Coordinator is available to students, staff and faculty for information, concerns and assistance. Students may meet with the DSC at any time regarding accommodations and assistance.
  10. Should any student with disabilities experience concerns regarding their accommodations or feel they have experienced discrimination related to their disability they should contact the Disability Services Coordinator to seek resolution and assistance.


Julia R. Timmons
Disability Services Coordinator
1501 Lakeside Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24501
434.544.8687 or 434.544.8339
Fax 434.544.8808