Site Supervisor Responsibilities

The site supervisor assumes the responsibility, usually on a voluntary basis, to work with the student intern.

The site supervisor is expected to:

  1. Provide a professional work experience for the intern
  2. Provide the intern with a job description and establish goals for the internship experience, in concert with the intern and faculty supervisor
  3. Develop learning objectives, with the student intern and faculty supervisor, to be carried out at the internship site that fulfill the goals of the internship
  4. Meet with the intern on a regular basis to provide feedback on the quality of work
  5. Keep the intern informed, in writing, of any safety hazards and/or confidentiality and legal requirements
  6. Keep the faculty supervisor informed of the intern’s progress
  7. Immediately convey any concerns about the intern’s performance to the faculty supervisor and the Coordinator of Career Services and Internships
  8. Complete the required evaluations of the intern by the stated deadlines

Note: It is the College’s policy that family members (parents or other relatives) are prohibited from serving as the intern’s site supervisor.