Fees & Funding

Donovan Media Development Center work is not free. However:

  • The center is subsidized through grants that allow us to provide in-kind contributions to cover a portion of the cost of the work.
  • Invoices reflect both the total cost and in-kind contribution.
  • The center is able to work with local businesses and for-profit entities; rates are not subsidized, but are affordable.
  • Project fee estimates are based on interviews and collaboration with clients to determine the scope of work required, expenses, and time required to complete the project to the client’s satisfaction. We are able to adjust work to fit client budgets in most cases.
  • The center is a non-profit organization operating within Lynchburg College; fees charged by the center defray costs associated with running the center.

The center welcomes contributions from individuals and organizations wishing to make charitable contributions to the center. Our founding donor’s approach was that through the media center, many organizations could be assisted in their community work.